Dear students,

The academic portal of Vedanta P.G. Girls College, Reengus welcomes you to the world of knowledge and learning. This renowned college was started in 1995 by Late shri Laxmi Narayan Agarwal with affiliation of UOR, Jaipur with a vision to enlighten and empower woman our college is inspired with ancient learning of great sages, universal welfare and as it name expresses Vedant Darshan.
You all are creative and cultured human beings, our aim is to instill high cultural values, self-reliance and ideal qualities of Indian woman with good academic knowledge. As you walk down the corridors of the college with you dreams and aspiration an ambience of openness awaits you and provides apace, scope and skills for you to carve your future and also a respectable place in society.
The college offers you an interactive, Nike Lebron 14 Grade School intellectually stimulating academic atmosphere, vibrant extra-curricular activities and well-designed capacity building initiatives. The vibrant culture of this college will inspire you to think through ideas and different forums for expression will give you the opportunity to explore your passion and discover your potential.
During the academic session you will be one amongst 2500 students. I assure you that the honest cooperation and hard work of faculty members, the guidance and support of the management and with the support of your parents we’ll be successful in this enterprise of education. I am sure you will enjoy your study developing attection and regard for the faculty members. When you will leave this college a lasting impression in your conduct, personality and character will be reflected. Your stay in this college will be a rich experience and your creativity and curiosity will fuel your future and will help you in choosing a bright future for your self.