Achievements In Sports

1) Jaspreet Kaur got selected for the Course 'CLOUD COMPUTING FOR BIG DATA' in Lambton College, Toronto, Canada.

2) Jasbeer Singh Gurnasinghani, persuing Master's in Information Technology from, Charles Sturt Univesity (Sydeny) Australia
he is also CEH Ec - Council (Certified Ethical Hacker )

3) 50% TY students secure Grade A out of which 10 students are in O grade i.e. above 75%

4) All the toppers from the class are sent for the Pleasure trip free of cost to either Delhi or Goa, this is the best unique practice of the college.

5) Being the Sister Concern of Sterlite industries, Every year Industrial visits are conducted to Silvasa, Aurangabad and Sesa Goa in the Sterlite Industries and Vednata groups of Companies.


The Number of publications are
1. International -- 18
2. National -- 13
3. Minor research projects -- 4
4. Ph.D research submitted -- 3 and ongoing 1

Achievements In NSS

Leadership training program (LTP Camp): (Year 2014)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Jaspreet Kaur T.Y.BSc(IT)
2. Gurupreet Singh T.Y.BSc(IT)
(4th to 8th August 2014)

Leadership training program (LTP Camp): (Year 2015)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Swapnil Wathore S.Y.BMS
2. Ranjana Sharma S.Y.BBI
(6th to 10th September 2015)

Leadership training program (LTP Camp): (Year 2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Abhishek Borole F.Y. B.Com
2. Renu Thakur F.Y. B.Com
(13th to 17th August 2016)

University Level Camp: (Year 2015)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Prathmesh Bendre T.Y.BSc(IT)
2. Aniket Kadam T.Y.BAF
3. Ranjana Sharma S.Y.BBI
4. Nandini Uttekar F.Y.BCOM
(Place: Prakash Bhoir arm House, Goveli, Mumbai)

University Level Camp (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan): (9- 15 Jan 2017)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Prashant Patil SYBMS
(Place: Khed, Ratnagiri)

State Level Avhan Camp: (Year May 2015)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Prathmesh Bendre T.Y.BSc(IT)
(Place: SNDT University, Mumbai)

State Level Avhan Camp:(Year May 2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Renuka Karnik F.Y.BMS
2. Sahil Wagh F.Y.BMS
(Place: Pune University, Pune)

State Level Camp (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan): (25 Jan-1 Feb 2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Renuka Karnik F.Y.BMS
(Place: Nagpur)

State Level Camp (Gramonnati Yuvashakti): (9-15 Jan 2017)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Tejswini Jadhav SYIT
(Place: Bondgaon, Dist: Gondiya, Nagpur)

University Level Workshop on Disaster management: (2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Akansha Jadhav F.Y.B.Com
2. Shradha Tambe F.Y.B.Com
(Place: Agarwal College, Kalyan,8th August 2016)

University Level Workshop on Andhashradha Nirmulan:

Sr.No Name Course
1. Bendre prathmesh T.Y.IT
(2nd September 2015)

Elocution Completion (2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Tousiya Nasiruddin Shaikh F.Y.IT
2. Renu Thakur F.Y.B.Com
(Place: M. K. College, Kalyan)

University Level Completion on Digital India: (2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Ankita A. Dhavan F.Y.BAF
2. Dipesh B. Gangurde F.Y.IT
3. Deepakkumar J. Saha F.Y.IT
4. Priyanka Wathore F.Y.BAF
5. Mansi N. Patil F.Y.BAF
6. Akshata par FYBAF
7. Jyoti Nimole FYBBI
8. Tushar Gujar TYIT
9. Suhas Shejul TYIT
10. Nikhil Gaikwad TYIT
(Place: M. K. College, Kalyan)

National Integration Camp: (Apr 2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Sayali Mohite F.Y,BMS

National Level Camp (National Youth Festival): (12 -16 Jan 2017)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Mansi Patil FYBAF
(Place: Rohtak, Harayana)

District Level Workshop on “A path towords Healthy Living”: (10 Jan 2016)

Sr.No Name Course
1. Swapnil Wathore TYBAF
2. Sneha Rokade SYBCOM
3. Sayali Mohite SYBMS
4. Renuka Karnik SYBMS
5. Nandini Uttekar SYBCOM
6. Shraddha Tambe FYBCOM
7. Sanket Kadam SYBBI
8. Yuvraj Naidu SYBMS
9. Megha Dhamale SYBMS
10. Abhishek Borole FYBCOM

District Level Camp (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) Jan 2017

Sr.No Name Course
1. Nandini Uttekar SYBCOM
2. Omkar Jangam FYBAF
3. Manas Hugale FYBAF
4. Pravin Ubale SYBMS
5. Sushant SYBMS
(place : Mhaskal Village, Titwala)

• Social Commitment Award from Kalyan Area as Program officers-Year 2015-16
• Social Commitment Award from Kalyan Area as Area Coordinator-Year 2016-17