Industrial Visit Report

The Vedanta College of Management and Information Technology organized a 3 Day Industrial Visit to Goa. This visit was for the Third Year students of BMS, BAF, BBI, IT AND CS courses, from 13th to 16th of February’2016. The IV is a part of the University Proposed Curriculum. The IV is proposed to expose the students to practical applications of the educational syllabus.

The IV was planned in coordination of VCMIT, The Vedanta Foundation and SESA GOA team. It was only due to the joint team effort of these offices that the IV was a successful one.

The visit commenced on the 13th of February’ 2016 at thane Station where all the staff and teachers gathered for an onward journey for Goa via train. After overnight train journey the group reached Goa where they were received by Mr. Dinesh Davande. Two busses were pre booked by the Sesa Goa team for the 3 Day Goa Visit.

Day 1 – 14th February’ 2017

The first day of the trip was at leisure. The students were taken to their accommodation “Shivam Resort”, a three star property in the Calangute Area of Goa. After freshening up the students boarded their buses and headed to explore Old Goa and Goan Heritage. The first stop was Basilica of Bom Jesus and St. Francis Church. The students enjoyed exploring the 400 year old church which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The students had a sumptuous thali meal at Navtara Restaurant.

The next stop was Calangute Beach where the students were free to shop and enjoy the Goan Sunset. At 7:00 PM the students started to walk back towards the hotel via the colorful streets of Goa, thereby enjoying shopping as well.

By 8:00 PM all the students reached the hotel where after freshening up they assembled for dinner and by 10.30 PM the students started proceeding for their rooms.

Day 2 – 15th February’ 2017

The second day started early morning at 08.30 AM where all the students gathered at the breakfast table. At 9.30 AM they all started boarding the buses to head for their first industry – “SESA GOA”. The students visited the SESA Goa iron Ore Mine located at Sankhli. It was a 2 Hrs Drive from Calangute. The students reached the Mining Site at 12.00 PM where they were divided in two groups.

Each group was given a brief tour of the mine and was given information on the mining operations. There were given details of how the ore is extracted from the mine and its applications in the real world. After the mine the students headed towards the SESA Technical School, where they were greeted by the Principal and the school staff. Vedanta established the Sesa Sterlite Technical School (STS) in 1994 on an old iron ore mine in Sanquelim, in North Goa.

The prime objective of the school is to impart skill, to develop technical knowledge and to provide vocational training for local youths to enhance their opportunities in securing jobs in industry or to help with self-employment. STS students specialize in trade skills, including Machinist, Fitter, Electrician and Instrument Mechanic. All these trades are affiliated with the National Council of Vocational Training, New Delhi through the Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), They were given a tour of the school. They interacted with the staff and students in the school.

After the school interaction the students of VCMIT headed for the SESA Football Academy. SESA Football Academy (SFA) is a football club based in Sanquelim, Goa. SFA is a unit of Sesa Community Development Foundation, which is promoted by Sesa Goa Limited with the objective of service to the community in its operational areas. SFA began functioning in June 1999. All expenses including the academic studies are taken care of by the academy

The students interacted with the Head Coach, he explained how the students are selected and about their training. He also emphasized on the importance of various certifications that an individual can gain from being an Football Player and how it can help them in securing a job in any sector across the globe.

Following this, students were taken for a round to Football Academy, Nakshtra Garden and Pisce culture activities carried out as part of environment reclamation. Here the students enjoyed a light lunch and were at ease to explore the beautiful garden. The students enjoyed clicking pictures and had a merry time.

At 5.00 PM the students bid a good bye to the beautiful garden and headed for the hotel. By 7.30 PM the students reached the hotel where after freshening up they gathered for dinner at 8.45 PM. Being a long and tiring day the students retired by 10.00 PM.

Day 3 – 16th February’ 2017

This was a last day of the GOA IV and the students were seen with mixed emotions. Many wanted this stay to get elongated. The students were ready for another day of learning. After finishing their breakfast at 9.45 AM the students boarded the bus to visit the Automobile Corp. of Goa Ltd. (ACGL). The plant is located in Honda, Sattari which was a 2.5 Hrs drive from Calangute.

The students were visiting Plant – I which is one of the three plants of ACGL. The students reached the plant at 12.30 PM where they were greeted by Prakash Naik, AGM HR – ACGL. The students were given some snacks and tea and they taken for the plant visit. The students were shown various operations carried out by the plant.

After a brief visit the students sat for lunch in the ACGL canteen. The lunch was organized by ACGL. After a filling lunch the students proceeded towards their bus for their 2 Hrs journey towards the Thivim Station. The students reached the station early at 4.00 Pm. They had their return train at 6.55 PM. On the morning of 17th February’ 2017 the students alighted at Thane station, marking the finish of GOA IV.

Overall, visit was indeed a good learning experience and everyone enjoyed it to the core. Students also expressed their desire to have such informative visits more frequently.

Vote of Thanks…

No activity is possible without proper planning and good team work. Many weeks of planning had gone into making this visit a success. As mentioned earlier this visit was jointly planned by the VCMIT, Vedanta Foundation and SESA Goa. It would be unfair to not mention a few names that went an extra mile, stretched beyond their limits and made this visit a comfortable one for the students.

  • Dinesh Davande and Mr. Nilesh Zore – For their continuous follow up on accommodation and transportation. Dinesh was a call away throughout the visit and made every possible effort for the smooth conduct of all the activities in a timely manner.
  • Taher Vohra and Ms. Anamika Bohra from the Vedanta Head Office – Mumbai, religiously followed up for the arrangements and minute details.
  • Milind Vaidya, Principal, VCMIT, who managed the students, briefed them about the conduct and discipline. Dr. Vaidya acted as a connecting link between all the offices to ensure smooth flow of communication.


Silvassa Industrial Visit Report 2016-2017

The Industrial Visit for the First Year students of BMS, BAF and BBI was conducted on the 29th  of  November 2016. This visit was a part of their curriculum as per the UOM. The visit was conducted at the Vedanta Foundation’s Sterlite Industries, Silvassa. The plant is spread in 4 different venues as below.

  • Sterlite Industries (Chinchpada)
  • Sterlite Industries (Rakholi)
  • Sterlite Industries (Piparia)
  • Sterlite Industries (Dadra Nagar Haveli)

The students were then divided in 4 groups and were sent to various plants.

  • Y.B.M.S — Piparia & Dadra Nagar Haveli
  • Y.B.A&F — Rakholi
  • Y.B.B.I — Chinchpada
  • Y.I.T — Rakholi

The entire visit was conducted in a professional manner. Initially,  detailed presentation was given by the officials regarding Vedanta Foundation, products portfolio, branches, process followed, international certifications, environmental measures taken, plant layout, safety measures etc. in a precise manner. Various queries of the students were explained by the officers.

The visit was aided by the following officers along with their team members. They guided the students during their visit, making it an extremely fruitful one.

Unit Name Name of the officers
Chinchpada Mr. Paresh Gajjar
Rakholi Mr. Tanuj
Piparia My Viren Patel
Dadra Nagar Haveli Mr. Shirish Pancholi

The main purpose of the visit was to explore academic curriculum and relate it to the practical industrial processes. A brief overview of class wise topics is as follows.

CLASS SUBJECT TOPIC Queries related to topics
F.Y.B.M.S 1.Principle of Management 1.Planning




How do they plan & organize the production process?

How different departments are coordinated?

How do they control the entire unit?

F.Y.B.B.I 1.EMFS Insurance How do they cover the risk involved in maintaining stock, production process and employee safety .
2.CRM Customer Relation How the customer relationship department functions?
F.Y.B.A.F 1. Fin. A/c Accounting policies Which accounting policies, procedures and accounting software they adopt.
2. Costing Valuation of inventory Which method they follow for inventory valuation and how do they manage inventory.
 F.Y.I.T 1.Electronics Making security How to make network cables.

How they provide secure environment for employees.

The above theory and practical papers studied by the students were clarified by this visit which correlated the practical processes followed in real life.

We specially extend our gratitude to Mr. Paresh Gajjar,Mr. Mayank and his team for making our visit excellent, his co-operation, support & coordinating right from day one, planning of visit & concluding the visit is commendable.