Snake Show

On the occasion of National Science Day (28 Feb),

Science Association organised a snake show and awareness for the students and staff of the Vedanta College of Management and Information Technology. The snakes in India have been portrayed as scary species and have been associated with a lot of superstitions. People get scared of snakes and react unexpectedly which leads to harm both to people and in most cases to the snakes. Certain types of snakes are very necessary for maintaining the eco-system around us. The snakes help in controlling rodents, insects etc. Certain snake’s venom is used in manufacturing of pain killers and neurological drugs.

The students need to be made aware on such topics so that they can play an active role in the society and its up-keep. Mr Deepak Gupta, who is a Maharashtra Government Registered Sarp Mitra was called to enlighten the students. He displayed various snakes such as Indian Rock Python, Indian Cobra, Rat Snake and Vine Snake. The students were excited to see the students live in front of them. Some were able to touch the feel the vine snake and python. The Indian Cobra being highly venomous, the students and staff were kept at distance.

Mr. Gupta also shared basic first aid tips in case of a snake bite. He also shared various types of snake bites as well.

Finally, he bid a farewell asking the students to not panic when they see a snake but instead be calm and call a professional snake handler. He advised them not to try handling a snake by themselves as that can be fatal for either or both, the snake or themselves.