Vedanta Post Graduate Girls college, firmly affirming Matri Mangal-Jan Mangal; is a renowned educational institution in Rajasthan for women education and an educational institute of distinction combining excellence with innovation and state of the art education. Lifting this institution at the high pedestal for providing higher education and research for women fulfilling educational experiences in their chosen discipline with humane & divine combine.


To offer a wide range of academic and vocational courses for the student masses. To provide qualitative, professional and effective education impacting rural women for their all-round development and career enrichment opportunities. Educating the women equally well, keeping in view their curricular and co-curricular development.


  1. Creating a genuine and enduring love for learning.
  2. Unlocking the multiple facets of the students psyche and to facilitate realization of potential for excellence.
  3. Promoting research culture in order to channelize the spirit of inquiry.
  4. Motivating the students for personal and professional growth.
  5. Instilling moral values among students to mould them into excellent human resource.
  6. Providing academically vibrant work and learning culture.
  7. Developing students into socially responsible citizens.
  8. Develop and maintain Eco-friendly campus.
  9. Attaining and improving greater heights of glory and excellence.
  10. Achieving the status of center for excellence and enriching the Vedanta Brand.
  11. Strengthening and creating dynamic and sustainable educated citizens.

Our Values

  • Inspired learning
  • Broadening perspectives
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Responding to community needs
  • Achieving goals
  • Transforming lives
  • Celebrating achievement

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi-

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but; If you educate a woman you educate an entire family”


The descendant of the deity Maharaja Agarsen, honorable Shri Badrinarayanji Agarwal with the perseverance of his sons who were very splendid and glorious; Shri Rameshwarji Agarwal and Shri Lakshminarayanji Agarwal had established the “MATRI MANGAL KENDRA” in 1952 in Ringus, the land of Baba Shyam and the brave Knight Mahabharta Barbareek, in the memory of his kindhearted wife Smt. Bidami Devi.

From times immemorial exertions had been made in Indian society and culture for the all round development and elevation of woman and to protect her eminence. The Matrishaki is the founded pillar to preserve the cultural trust-money of society.

The “MATRI MANGAL KENDRA” had adopted the upliftment of woman as its aim. Determined to its aim the Kendra operated maternity home, knitting and sewing training center and also provided the training of “Amber Charkha” . As a consequence of the efforts of this Kendra devoted to woman upliftment, the excellence like, the public leader Shri Jai Prakash Narayan, Gandhiest Hari Bhau Uppadhayyay, Durga Bai Deshmukh, Dr. Sushila Nayar, Raja Rao Kalyan Singh (Sikar), the contemporary chief minister Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadiya and the contemplating personality Shri Gokul Bhai Bhatt came on visit here to Ringus.

Education is the provision of human being. It provides the power of coordination with the whole universe. The social activist, educationist, prudent and rational rich personality Sh. Lakshminarayanji Agarwal (Bhutala) having the keen sense to pay the dept to his motherland (Ringus), established “Sterlite Matri Mangal Mahila Mahavidhalaya” in Ringus (Sikar) Rajasthan on 17th August 1995. The foundation Stone was initiated by Shri Narayan Das Ji Maharaj.

Under the shadow of the sequence of success of “Vedanta Shiksha Evam Shodh Sansthan”, the foundation of “Sterlite Matri Mangal Mahila Mahavidhalaya” proved to be a mile stone in the woman education arena.

The college was begun with 46 students of first year in Arts faculty at its foundation. Initially the classes were taken in the old building, but due to the devotion and dedication of energetic and enthusiastic lecturers, the college has been made olive-crown of education field not only in Shekhawati Area but also in whole Rajasthan.

The beginner with eight subjects in Arts faculty at graduate level, this college on its next step in 1999-2000 has been started the post graduate courses in Public Administration, Political Science and Hindi Literature also to promote the women education. It means it was the promotion of the college in 1999 within a very short duration from graduate level to post graduate level. Practical subjects like Drawing & Painting and Computer Application was inculcated at graduate level in Session 2002-2003. According to the present days need and effect of science and technology, Science faculty at graduate lever and Geography in Arts faculty has been started from 2006-2007.

Sterlite Matrimangal Mahila Mahavidyalaya’s name, established and run by Vedanta Shikha Evem Shodh Sansthan, was converted by the management committee in 2007 under section of Govt. of Rajasthan Sr. No. F4[Acc./DEC Act. 96/2703] Dated 03.10.2007 into VEDANTA POST GRADUATE GIRLS’ COLLEGE, wrap and waft with the aim and ambition that the glory of Vedanta will enlighten the whole world.

Financial aid is provided to this present college by HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD., Udaipur from 2004. Devoted to the social service and to serve the humanity, this education institution safeguarded by Vedanta Foundation, has been made the place of character and personality development.

VEDANTA means introduce the divine soul, whose faith is only in Brahma as the Universal truth. LATE HONOURABLE BABUJI SHRI LAKSHMI NARAYAN JI AGARWAL dreamed it and Vedanta Foundation is trying its best to comes it true. In its contemporary being started with single faculty [Arts] , This College in present time running with three faculties [Arts, Science & Commerce] at graduate level and eight subjects {Public Adm., Pol.Sc., Hindi Litt., English Litt., Geography, Drawing & Painting, Botany, Chemistry } at post graduate level and professional Courses [BCA], leaves behind the impression of glory forwarding towards the highest peak of success.

“The passion of glory is a torch to the mind’ Vedanta has proved this saying by resulting the excellent in each and every year. As the result proves the acts and the end crowns the work; On this theory Vedanta now is one of the best woman colleges for girls’ of Rajasthan.

To develop the best character and personality, Co-curricular activities are also performed along with the educational activities. The College Hockey team brought the fair name of the college at peak by achieving medal in inter-University tournament.

Undoubtedly, the passion for glory and to get something and to empower themselves, in spite of the typical rural environment, housekeeping duties, responsibilities, soft-heartedness, the pain of being women, definitely can be seen on the faces of these students of the college.

To fulfill these passions the college becoming an inspiration is getting its unique identity in Shekhawati Area, A number of brilliant and glorious students of this college have been appointed on various Government and Non-Government posts in different-different areas from past decades. They brought a fair name of this college by serving in administrative services, school and colleges teaching, police force services, researches arid political leadership and in games at National and International level.

Undoubtedly, this college is the miniature of society, herein the students are trained to performed their social responsibilities in a very well manner. The determination can be seen by the motto of these students that “LET THE HEAVEN FALL,”WE SHALL RISE AGAIN WITH KNOWING HOW TO ACT ACCORDING TO NATURE; SO PASSES EARTHLY GLORY ” The motto of our college team is “IF YOU WANT SUCCESS ,BE PREPARED FOR TOIL WITH A SENSE OF COPETENCIES-PERFORMENCES-COMMITMENTS” The college is forwarding step-by-step to the heights of values and prosperity having the aim & objectives as under :

About Vedanta Foundation

Vedanta Foundation, an ISO 9001-2000 certified organisation earlier known as Sterlite Foundation was established in the year 1992 with the active financial support from Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman of Vedanta Group of Industries. The Foundation believes in the vision to empower backward classes or the less privileged of the society and extends full support in all aspects of social development and welfare.