Registration No:73 Sikar 2015-16

Registered Office: In the campus of Vedanta PG Girls College,Reengus.

Working Area: It is limited up to the Rajasthan State.


To provide a thusiastic platform to the Alumni (ex-student) of the institution for exchanging their mutual ideas & thoughts.

To guide & help the Alumni of the college to achieve their professional goals.

To provide facilities from institute to its Alumni.

To pursue for the development & progress of the institution by Alumni.

To encourage students for research, academic & professional activities by its Alumni

To recognize the vision of our institution in other developing institution in the field of academic research & other research activities.

To carry out the social service and welfare activities by the committee in its work-place.

To make students aware and encourage by Alumni with their workplace behavior experience.

Institute is inspiring young girls by making efforts and contributing in the development of the college for women-empowerment..

To motivate the student for career guidance and overall personality developments.

To inspire the students in the field of politics, administrative, academic, cultural, judiciary and in various fields.

To enhance honour and respect for Nationality, cultural values, heritage, national pride, national symbol amongst students.

To give a platform and make them active for their right and duties and the issues related to human rights.

To make efforts for women development in the area of self-employment and self-dependence.

To motivate students to become a good & responsible citizen

Committee Member:

President: Dr. Alka Saxena (Principal)

Vice-Presidentr: Dr.Archana Sharma(Vice-principal)

Secretary: Mrs. Neetu Sharma (Asst.Professor, Pub.Admn.)

Kosha Adhaksh: Mrs. Suman Jat (Asst. professor, Hind litt.)

Other members :
There are total 56 members in our committee.
Some are :

Mrs.Sangeeta Bajiya

Mrs.Bharti Kumawat

Ms.Mamta Devi

Mrs.Urmila Dhayal

Mrs.Priyanka Gangawat

Mrs. Munni Kumawat

Mrs.Silochana Yadav

Ms. Rachna Kumawat

Ms. Vandana Raika

Mrs. Bubble Sharma

Ms. Suman Haritwal

Ms. Swati Pareek

Ms. Asha Kumawat

Ms. Pooja Sharma

Ms. Saroj Kumari Kalla

Ms. Neha Kumari Sharma

Ms. Hansa Kumari

Ms. Neelam Jat

Ms. Komal Agarwal

Ms. Jyoti Jangir

Ms. Priyanka Sharma

Ms. Shweta Sharma

Mrs. Manju Kumawat

Ms. Indira Dhayal

Ms. Pooja Sharma

Ms. Mandita Tanwar

Ms. Tanu Soni

Ms. Savita Jangir

Ms. Sonu Choudhary

Mrs. Anita Badhala

Ms. Dimpal Sharma

Plantation by Alumni in college Campus

Interaction between Lona Nayak (CEO,Vedanta Foundation) with Alumni in National Seminar.

Secretary, Registrar, Principal & Vice-Principal meeting with Alumni

Awarding to Mrs.Swati Pareek, RJS (Alumni) By Shri D.P.Agarwal

Career Guidance for the college students by Alumni Mrs.Swati Pareek,RJS

A Cleanliness Really conducted by alumni members.