Nature Club of Under Armour Micro G Torch 2 Vedanta College was started since 2014 has always intended to enhance our understanding about the interactions between human beings and environment through various activities.


  • To facilitate the development of skills for environmental protection, to promote environmental awareness among all sections of the society,
  • To spread environment education, especially in the informal and creative manner among younger generation
  • To sensitize and mobilize students’ participation for preservation and conservation of environment.


  • Nature club organizes nature orientation activities, nature trails to national parks and forests to educate the members about their beauty, diversity and the necessity to conserve the treasures of natural resources that are around us.


  • Celebration of World Environment Day
  • Student Rally from college to Reengus town for plantation awareness.
  • Conduct Field Trip activities
  • Conduct Exhibitions on Environment
  • Environmental Cleanliness
  • Conduct chart competitions,
  • Conduct guest lecture.

Future plan

  • Survey of the plant species.
  • Survey of migratory birds.
  • Conservation and Development of Medicinal Plant Garden
  • To organize Adventure Activities
  • To organize Snake and Dog Bite Awareness Programme
  • Environment Education Camps


Field visit for plant identification

Campus Plantation under nature club

Environmental education by PowerPoint Presentation


Environment awareness rally under nature club

Plantation by Secretary ,Principal,Vice Principal, Vedanta P.G. Girls’ College & others

Plantation by Register, Vedanta P.G. Girls’ College