WDC was established in the college in 2014-15.

MOTTO: “Educating Women is Educating Generation”


The cell aims to motivate faculty and girls students and to maintain congenial working environment for students and staff.

Objective :

To create social awareness among the girls and the women staff.

To create awareness about their legal rights.

To discuss and deliberate on issues concerning women.

To create awareness about gender discrimination in india society.

To prevent any kind of women harassment in the campus.


Chairman : Dr. Alka Saxena (Principal)

Coordinator : Mrs. Anita Sharma (Lect. In Home Science)

Other members            : Mrs. Shilochana Yadav (Lect. In Pol. Science)
                                                : Mrs. Sarita Saini (Lect. In Sociology)


Yoga & Gym

Knowledge of Traffic Rules

Stitching & Beautician Course

Workshop on food Preservation

Health Checkup

Legal knowledge

Self Defense programme (Marshal Arts / Judo Karrate)

Skill Development : Door Mat, Paper Bag, Mehandi, Making Sanitory, Napkin, Embroidery, Bag

Anpurna Yojna (Food Fair).