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Welcome to Vedanta P.G. Girls College

Nestled in the heart of Reengus, Rajasthan, Vedanta P.G Girls College stands as a beacon of education, empowerment, and excellence. With the prestigious N.A.A.C accreditation, our college has been a guiding light for aspiring young women since its establishment in 1992. Serving as a vibrant hub of knowledge and growth, we have been instrumental in shaping the futures of over 37,000 students from Reengus and the surrounding rural communities.

Dedicated to fostering academic brilliance and holistic development, Vedanta P.G Girls College offers a diverse range of Post-Graduation and Graduation courses in Arts, Science, and Commerce. We believe in making education accessible and affordable to all.

The subsidized fee structure ensures that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of knowledge. We extend financial aid to meritorious student and to those facing economic challenges.

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The College is committed towards elevating women's higher education and research, offering enriching educational experiences in various fields while embracing both human and spiritual aspects. Our focus is on creating meaningful institute, not just physical buildings.

The mission of the college is to provide a wide array of academic and practical courses accessible to a diverse student body. We aim to deliver high-quality, professional, and impactful education to empower rural women for comprehensive development and enhanced career prospects.

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We believe that a well-rounded education is essential, and offer our students the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities that interest them.

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Why Choose Vedanta P.G. Girls College?

At Vedanta P.G. Girls College, we offer a distinctive educational experience that goes beyond traditional learning. Here are several compelling reasons why Vedanta P.G. Girls College is your ideal choice:

Vedanta P.G Girls’ College provides quality education to girls at an affordable cost with the support of qualified faculty.

The infrastructure facilities are geared towards enhancing the overall educational experience, providing students with the tools they need to excel in their chosen fields.

In today's tech-driven world, it's essential for students to be tech-savvy and comfortable with digital learning. Vedanta P.G College embraces digital pedagogy and offers smart classrooms equipped with modern technology. This ensures that students have access to a contemporary learning environment that prepares them for the digital age.

Making informed decisions about one's career path is crucial. Vedanta P.G College provides career counseling services to help students identify their strengths, interests, and career goals. This guidance ensures that students are on the right track and are making choices aligned with their aspirations.

For students coming from different regions or those who prefer a residential option, Vedanta P.G College provides hostel facilities. These hostels offer a safe and conducive environment for students to focus on their studies while enjoying a sense of community with fellow students.

Forging Lasting Bonds on Campus

Cultivating Friendships, Crafting Memories, and Nurturing Lifelong Connections in the Heart of Learning


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From cutting-edge classrooms to cozy study nooks, discover the heartbeat of our campus. Unearth opportunities, forge connections, and embrace the spirit of higher learning. #CampusAdventure #FutureLeaders

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Celebrating the alumni family that shapes our story. From shared memories to future triumphs, we stand strong together. Once a part of us, always a part of us. Here's to lifelong connections and the spirit of success. #AlumniPride #ForeverConnected"

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