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Dr. Prashant Madan

Principal, Vedanta P.G. Girls College Reengus


Vedanta PG Girls’ College strives to unearth the latent potential in students, providing a platform for their creative expression and thoughtful perspectives. Our institution believes that education not only imparts knowledge but also opens windows to new horizons. We encourage students to delve into their interests – be it academic, co-curricular, or extracurricular – nurturing a holistic growth.

With a progressive outlook, Vedanta PG Girls' College is committed to enhancing the quality of academic pursuits. We value discipline, integrity, and cognitive development, fostering an environment where students flourish. Departments such as Entrepreneurship & Skill Development, Youth Welfare, NSS, and more such other initiatives contribute to comprehensive student development. We consider parental involvement vital and maintain constant communication to ensure students' progress.

At Vedanta P.G. Girls College, we are committed to providing students with comprehensive development opportunities, enabling them to realize their full potential not only in academia but also in extracurricular and co-curricular pursuits. Our institution supports students in cultivating 21st-century skills that enhance employability. We embark on a journey to unearth the possibilities within each student, honing their abilities, and equipping them for the evolving landscape of the future.

Your skills, creativity, and curiosity will steer your path towards a promising future. Our college fosters an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that encourages critical thinking and offers diverse platforms for expression. As you explore your passions and potential, we wish you success in your journey of knowledge and skill.